A blog showcasing gorgeous products made from reclaimed materials and other anti-waste inspirations to encourage more conscious consuming. 


Hi, I'm Pen... 

and I'm inspired by all our Grandparents & Great-Grandparents who'd make do with what they had and not waste anything - finding creative ways of reusing the same item over and over again. They'd buy once and buy right, and they'd be quality items that lasted (for which I'm so grateful, as it's these old, classic, battered things that I seek out on my treasure hunts around vintage stores...) Now we are so connected to the world that everything a consumer desires is readily accessible, inexpensive and often throw-away, meaning we're spoilt for choice and therefore don't have to live as creatively and waste-free as our Grandparents did, but we need to. Waste and particularly plastic is now a massive problem the world over and I want to help you, my fabulous friends, (and the friends I'm yet to meet) find stylish, quality products that are either made with reclaimed materials or minimise waste. Hopefully by supporting these producers we can, in our own small way help change consumer attitudes and save the planet. If my heart goes aflutter about other interesting environmentally responsible goings on I'll share those too. Welcome aboard a Lighter Shade of Green, thanks so much for coming along for the ride.

Love, Pen

p.s. I am totally independent and don't seek rewards related to any of my posts.